There’s this thing called the Hanson World. Even today, in 2020. And I was (I think) a big part of it.

I have indirectly worked for Hanson for good 20 years of my life. Promoting them, getting fans together, running social media and keeping a website.

One day, actually not too long ago, a friend of mine said “Imagine all the things you could have done with the time you spent on Hanson”.


She was right.

It took me a few years to process the decision but I finally quit the @hansonhotline social media world. At the end of the day, it felt like a job and I already had a job.

But I do miss some aspects of it and I kinda need it for my portfolio, so, spoiler alert… I might be bringing a lit bit of it back.

Not today, though. For today, just a doodle.

Alice in Wonderland

I love my Alice in Wonderland book so much, I thought it deserved it’s own photo section.

It was a gift from my best friend and it’s one of those things that will always spark joy! When we moved to Canada, I was only bringing 2 suitcases with me and this book was in one of them.

.Yeah …I also spilled the tea on the hat 15 seconds after I started shooting. That’s mostly why I don’t have that many pictures of it…


My friend, Matheus, asked me to draw him.

So, here’s what… I think he would’ve liked it better, judging by my conversations with him, if I had done this in a cartoon style, much like my dwarf drawing:

Still, I felt so insecure about doing something that I would like that I ended up trying to guess what he’d like.

One thing I’ve learned in my 20 years of designing websites, graphics, houses and kitchens is that ultimately, when YOU love what you’ve done, the client loves it too. But I seem to doubt that every time.

Note to self, Michele: Remember that when you love it, they love it.

Second note: Try again.

The Burbs

The Burbs is a 1989 movie starring Tom Hanks and it’s one of my favorites. I like the young and silly Tom Hanks, even though his serious work is also impeccable. The truth is, his old stuff just makes me instantly happy.

I remember watching this movie when I was a child and dreaming of living in one of those amazing cul de sacs with interesting neighbors just knowing life would be exactly like a movie.

I wish I had grown out of the fantasy, but nope. I pretty muchstill have it. Somewhere out there, there IS a perfect dread-end street just waiting for me to live on it.

I haven’t found it yet, but I do enjoy drawing the scary Koplek house!

The goal is to make a 3d model also… but WHO HAS THE TIME, people?

This is what I have for now:

I started with an AutoCAD 2D model ’cause I am not as fast with illustrator and honestly, too lazy to become as keen with it as I am with AutoCAD.

The Burbs – AUTOCAD Model

The AutoCAD model is something I actually really liked when framed in a living room… but it is not interesting enough to everyone., so I painted it in Photoshop.

2D is so much harder than 3D! You have to basically calculate all your shadows and paint them one by one. It is a long, long process.

I liked this 2D, but I wanted to add a little game/cartoon element to it, so I messed with the perspective!

This is what I want to model:

I also wanted to add some color to test. I do think I’m going with purple (like the actual movie posters) for the model but I don’t want it to be so saturated…

Time for a break.

Absolutely no one is reading this but I am having the time of my life!!!

I wanted to write

Actually, I needed to write.

Writing has always been my way of understanding myself. I am not usually good at actually putting my finger on what is going on with me.

Sometimes I’m happy, sad, angry or the usual nervous… but I don’t really know why. It is not uncommon for other people to point out to me what is causing my emotion.

Keeping an actual journal has always been my therapy. It turns out, I was not wrong when acting so instinctively. I read this somewhere online:

Whether it’s daily diary entries, poems written on a whim, or letters to people you’ll never actually send…it’s therapeutic, to say the least.

It made me smile. Like I was doing something write. Something good for myself.

I knew that already, though…

Me, Shell.

Hi, my name is Michele.

I am an Architect. Well, I guess technically, I WAS an architect back home, but here in Canada I am just someone with exceptional Architectural drawings skills but no valid degree.

So, I started this blog to keep a file of my drawings because I can’t help being addicted to them. And if I don’t practice, I’ll get worse every day.

There are also a few new programs I would like to use and share my progress with the world. People can be mean about it, but, sometimes they are nice.

Please, read everything I write in a very sarcastic tone. It is definitely the *vibe* I am going for 99.9% of the time.

Thank you and welcome.