There’s this thing called the Hanson World. Even today, in 2020. And I was (I think) a big part of it.

I have indirectly worked for Hanson for good 20 years of my life. Promoting them, getting fans together, running social media and keeping a website.

One day, actually not too long ago, a friend of mine said “Imagine all the things you could have done with the time you spent on Hanson”.


She was right.

It took me a few years to process the decision but I finally quit the @hansonhotline social media world. At the end of the day, it felt like a job and I already had a job.

But I do miss some aspects of it and I kinda need it for my portfolio, so, spoiler alert… I might be bringing a lit bit of it back.

Not today, though. For today, just a doodle.

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